Why "Just South West" ?

I often get asked why “Just South West”, what does it mean? And after all this time I haven’t ever put it in writing! So here goes…

The brainstorming started one night with a couple of gal pals and some tapas. I had the vague ideas for a floral art print project, I knew how I’d want it to be presented but I needed a brand name to work backwards from. I didn’t want  my name to be the brand but only to reference me  by using my initials. Stacey Weaver needed to stay as the artists name and not the name of the product I was envisioning.

My initials “SW” are used commonly on the weather as ‘South West’. When I was a child, it was this weird thing I did, watching the news with mum and dad saying “oh look Stacey Weaver is in Gisborne…oh and she’s in Dunedin too…there’s Stacey Weavers alllll ooooover the country!” so sure enough I wasn’t going to be able to move passed that acronym. Ironically, it worked perfectly though as it was the two locations I was shooting floral arrangements at the time – south (at my family home where I grew up) of Christchurch and west (at a two storey girls flat) of Christchurch.

So that evening at home (west) I started doodling and scribbling ideas down. I still have all of these notes AND the drawing of the now logo you see all over my work. That swooping X which brands JSW is my loose interpretation of a compass,  doodled on my dining room table with watered down black acrylic paint in 2015 (below).

After deciding on a logo, packaging, and a most probable brand name, I thought I needed a little something to anchor it and after some quick Instagram user name searching, using the J from my middle name Jennifer, “Just South West” was born!

This floral art print project brainstormed over tapas three years ago has slowly but surely grown into a great big ol’ life passion of mine.

So if you can’t shake the idea, get brainstorming over tapas!  

Stacey xx